Reference Icon Reference Chart Mac OS X


Sizes (px) Format and naming Notes

Application & Document Icons

256px (OS X 10.5+)
512px (OS X 10.5+)
1024px (OS X 10.7+)
applicationname.icns Examples of how the icon resources are used: 16px - list views, spotlight searches
32px - Finder
128px - Dock, Finder previews
256px - Finder preview
512px - CoverFlow
See chapter 7 of the Icon Handbook for more information

Menu bar icon

Max 22px height x any width .png,.tiff or .pdf The convention is for greyscale only  use colour sparingly for attention/notification states

Sidebar icon

16px (small)
18px (medium)
32px (large)
.pdf From OS X 10.7+ the convention is for greyscale icons, with face-on perspective. The OS will ignore any colour you add and only use the alpha values

Toolbar icon (buttons)

32px (default)
24px (small size)
.icns, .pdf, multipage .tiff or .png The small size is shown when the option is chosen via Customize Toolbar

Toolbar icon (streamlined)

19px .pdf These are used in monochrome toolbars where the icon is centred within a button (such as Mail and Safari). These have only one size

Safari extension icon

16px (for the toolbar)
Extensions are only supported in Safari 5+. The 16px icon is only required if the extension adds a button to the toolbar